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BlackFin Capital Partners

Année d'exercice : 2023
Catégorie d'acteurs : 03. Société de gestion de portefeuille
Montant des actifs : 3472 Md€
Date de publication sur le CTH : 01 juillet 2024
Dernière Modification sur le CTH : 05 juillet 2024

Europe’s leading PE firm focusing exclusively on financial services buyouts and FinTechs. Founded by industry entrepreneurs, BlackFin is the sector leader with 2 strategies, 5 offices, 9 partners and a team of +45. From our founding, our investment strategy has always been based on 3 pillars: high ethical standards, integrity and transparency. From there, we began our ESG journey, building a comprehensive approach to cover all ESG aspects. Indeed, we believe promoting ESG contributes to sustainable long-term value creation within our portfolio companies and aligns with broad societal objectives. As a disciplined investor, BlackFin’s ESG approach is data-driven to objectively measure the ESG maturity of our portfolio companies.

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