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Année d'exercice : 2021
Catégorie d'acteurs : 03. Société de gestion de portefeuille
Date de publication sur le CTH : 07 novembre 2022
Dernière Modification sur le CTH : 07 novembre 2022

Hy24 is a joint venture between Ardian, Europe’s largest private investment house and FiveT Hydrogen, a new investment manager specialized purely on clean hydrogen investments. We combine Ardian’s premier infrastructure fund management record with FiveT’s unparalleled hydrogen expertise and network. We will scale up the global hydrogen economy through first-mover investment opportunities perfectly aligned with the universal ESG agenda. Hy24’s purpose is to accelerate the global energy transition through investments in strategic infrastructure projects relying on clean hydrogen. In doing so, the management company will responsibly create sustainable value across the hydrogen value chain and build the infrastructure for tomorrow’s energy models.

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