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Partech Partners

Année d'exercice : 2022
Catégorie d'acteurs : 03. Société de gestion de portefeuille
Montant des actifs : 2 Md€
Parts des actifs couverts : 100 %
Date de publication sur le CTH : 30 juin 2023
Dernière Modification sur le CTH : 17 juillet 2023

Partech started way back in 1982 in Silicon Valley thanks to a group of European pioneers and ambitious entrepreneurs. These traits have stuck through the years, as today we are a team of passionate people who share the same ambition to help the most impactful founders across multiple continents. Most of us have been entrepreneurs, some have been involved in building large tech groups, while others are former consultants or M&A professionals who grew up immersed in tech.

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