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Selwood Asset Management France

Année d'exercice : 2022
Catégorie d'acteurs : 03. Société de gestion de portefeuille
Parts des actifs couverts : 100 %
Date de publication sur le CTH : 03 juillet 2023
Dernière Modification sur le CTH : 17 juillet 2023

In 2020, Selwood Asset Management (France) SAS was incorporated under the leadership of Mr Rayas Richa and Mr Guillaume Merle. Selwood Asset Management (France) SAS is focused on managing long bias fixed income funds and seeks to develop products which utilize credit indices and derivatives. Selwood has also sought to incorporate certain risk mitigation criteria for some Funds seeking to a lower capital consumption under Solvency II. Selwood AM France is also developing some ESG credit strategies (Article 8 under SFDR) that are to be launched in Q3 2023 and became signatory of UNPRI in October 2022.

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